Hotel Employee Inducted in Michigan Hall of Fame

Traverse City, Michigan - Margaret Morse, Director of Sales & Marketing at Park Place Hotel, was inducted into the 2014 Michigan Meetings + Events Hall of Fame. Morse has been working at the Park Place Hotel for over 8 years. 

Morse has met leaders in the arts, sciences, law, government, sports and education. “I learn something every single day,” she says. “I love my job.” Morse says she’s worked with some amazing professionals in the industry and feels obliged to share her know-how with young people, to “give them wings and help them fly.” Event professionals have a vital role to fill, according to Morse: “The world is looking for ways to connect all the time.” Technology is a piece of this, but Morse says, “There’s something about keeping ‘human’ in the human experience that is profoundly meaningful.”

She’s humbled to receive a lifetime honor, but says her best is yet to come.

Congratulations, Margaret!

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